Global Teachers for a
Sustainable Future

Shaping future education

The Project

The Global Teachers for a Sustainable Future (GTSF) project aims to create innovative, evidence-based teaching and learning practices in Higher Education institutions.
Our initiative is dedicated to advancing education for sustainable development and global citizenship in home learning environments.

We are committed to generating transferable knowledge, cultivating global mindsets in students, training sustainable teachers, and contributing to the 2030 Agenda and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


  • To equip students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values they need to become global citizens and agents for change. 
  • To provide future teachers with the tools for integrating sustainable development education and global citizenship in their teaching.  
  • To contribute to sustainability and the 2030 Agenda by promoting lifelong learning and quality education (SDG 4).  
  • To contribute to internationalisation at home research. 
  • To promote internationalisation at home as the most sustainable and accessible way to foster global competence.
  • To validate and recognize learning acquisition. 

With a particular focus on inclusivity and accessibility, the GTSF program will be developed in home learning environments, allowing collaborative interactions among students from different cultures and backgrounds and preventing the economic burden of study abroad programs.

All activities will be international, ensuring that students who may lack the desire or opportunity to participate in mobility programs can still derive valuable benefits. By adopting this approach, the project aims to bridge the gap between education and employment, equipping students with global competence and other key skills, including self-awareness, valuing differences, curiosity, flexibility, communication, critical thinking, empathy, understanding of global issues, leadership, innovation, second languages, digital skills, and teamwork.  

This enriching experience will be culturally enhanced through the involvement of partners from ten different countries across three continents.